If you don’t want to run, walk.

If you don’t want to cry, laugh.

If you don’t want to sit still anymore, dance.

If you don’t want to be bored, go crazy.

It’s called living life on your own terms.

What are you waiting for?

Life is short, do everything your heart desires and has ever desired.

Don’t fear life, embrace it, go out and fight back.

Regret is a waste of time. So, something happened. It’s in your past now, overcome the worst and make it the best.

Keep moving forward and always try something new.

Let people into…

what does it mean when someone burns me

Took everything I ever knew in myself

They took all I ever had for myself

you took all I’ve ever known of myself

Burned it into ashes

I thought I could trust them

I thought I could trust him

You. I thought I could trust you

Now i’m ash

How will I rebuild myself from this rubble you have so easily reduced me to

How do I come out of this clean and new

Maybe wishing it away isn’t enough

This isn’t a fairy tale

I have to survive, to fight

lets go.

Motivational Quotes Freewrite

In my opinion, when you cross paths with people, its not because it just happened that way, its because it was meant to happen that way.

These people who you cross paths with are people who share their intelligence and beliefs, maybe even just a behavior. It could influence you or you may think it didn’t even phase you but subconsciously you took something from it.

Journeying through life those little encounters might pop up or even just in that very moment of interaction your whole life changes. You could be so depressed that you are ready to do it…

Why does our past come up whenever it feels like fucking up your brain. Whenever your doing okay. When you finally feel safe again.

it comes back.

Even though its over and done with. The brain is trainable and that is exactly what is happening. Your brain has recognized the haunting feelings of your past. It was trained then and didn’t forget.


As soon as I'm triggered my body goes back into defensive mode while simultaneously becoming overwhelmed with absolutely horrific feelings like being terrified, horrified, guilty and ashamed.

No matter how many years have gone by one trigger…

The question I have for the universe and myself is -What is reality anyway?-Is it a place we’re imagining until the end of our time and then we go somewhere else in the infinite galaxy above us, surrounding us, beyond us?

I have this belief-this feeling;

We are on an endless journey and this world, this exact moment, prepares us for the next stop on our adventure. All so that we aren’t completely overwhelmed by the very different, very otherworldly place we go to and inevitably belong to. …

Have you ever been so sick throwing up or being so heartbroken over a break up it makes you hurt in ways you didn’t know was possible. That’s what it feels like for me, I cant speak for other people but for myself, it consumes me. I recently had my mental health issues take control over my life and it fucking hurts. It made my life a living hell. Not able to go to work because where I work, the girls are catty as fuck. Not able to leave my house and do the things I want to do like…


My soul purpose for being here is to express my opinions and to free write what comes to my brain without filtering anything. It’s worth the read.

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